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Recent Testimonials

Sue - January 5, 2024:  

Always the best. No one better

Isabella - January 3, 2024:  

Just had my first laser session, and it was incredible! Bonnie did an amazing job – super skilled and knowledgeable. She made the experience comfortable and explained everything thoroughly. Feeling confident about the results already! Highly recommend for anyone considering laser treatments.

Niki - January 1, 2024:  

Bonnie is great! I have been back 4 times now for a brow lamination! Love the results!

Jennifer - January 1, 2024:  

Bonnie is great! Knowledgeable, friendly and personable! I got a hydradermabrasion and my face feels fantastic!! I will be back!

NL - December 28, 2023:  

I recommend Bonnie to ALL of my family and friends! Bonnie has been my esthetician for years! She’s the absolute BEST!!!!!

Archana - December 15, 2023:  

Bonnie is just amazing. She does so awesome job. I love her work. If anyone wants to get any facial service done “TRY HER ONCE” you will

Mimi - December 10, 2023:  

Bonnie was excellent and spent quite a bit of time with me. She asked questions, took down all my information, my skin history, my skin care regimen, took time to explain how to care for changing (aging) skin and made suggestions. Its been a few years since I've had a facial and usually its been very clinical, but she made me so comfortable - cleaned and moisturized my face and hands, I felt so relaxed. She has a great personality and really wants to get to know her clients. By the time we were done, I felt like we had been friends for years. My skin feels great! Can't wait for my next visit with her.

Ida - December 9, 2023:  

I went to Bonnie for an eyebrow lamination and I loved the results. She is very knowledgeable and loves what she does. She is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I would visit her again!

Jenny - November 17, 2023:  

Bonnie did a lovely job on my face and took her time to explain each part of the process to me. I felt very pampered and relaxed. She is also very personable and relatable in conversation. Thanks for making me feel like a dewy faced teen again!:)

Estelle - November 4, 2023:  

Excellent service. Bonnie is so knowledgeable, and offers great advice, while delivering a high quality facial!

Pam - November 3, 2023:  

The facial I had was lovely and my skin had never felt so soft. I will be back!

Joanne - October 13, 2023:  

As usual Bonnie did a terrific job. My face looks great and very smooth and bright. Bonnie will always be the only one who works on my face.

Jacqueline  - October 10, 2023:  

Amazing work! I loved my lash lift and tint. It looks like I'm wearing amazing mascara now. I highly recommend for people with straight or non-fully black lashes.

Nancy  - October 9, 2023:  

Bonnie’s facial was incredible. It was the best facial I ever had. She also made me feel comfortable before the facial.

Jackie  - October 6, 2023:  

Always the best! Bonnie does it all and does it best! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katrina  - September 26, 2023:  

Bonnie was excellent and spent a full hour with me. She took down all my information, my skin history, type my skin care regimen, took time to explain how to care for changing (aging) skin and normally with microdermabrasion you don't get much pampering, but she cleaned, moisturized my face and hands and I felt so relaxed. My skin is dewy now!

Alice  - September 19, 2023:  

My skin feels amazing!! It is so smooth and hasn't felt this great for years! I felt so pretty walking outta there even with no makeup on! Bonnie was so helpful and very easy to talk to!

Elizabeth  - September 7, 2023:  

I've been going to Bonnie for a couple years now. It's always a great experience with great results.

Beth  - September 2, 2023:  

Bonnie is very personable, takes her time, helps you understand your skin needs. I've been going to her for a while for my facials and love her and the experience every time I go.

Katarina - August 31, 2023:  

Bonnie is just FANTASTIC. Her knowledge, gentle touch and concern for your wellbeing is unsurpassed.

Jennifer  - August 8, 2023:  

Bonnie was great. Very personable, relaxed, and knowledgeable. I enjoyed my facial and my skin looks glowy!.

Sandra - July 28, 2023:  

Bonnie is amazing! She really cares about her clients. She listens to your needs and teaches you techniques to improve your skincare routine. If you follow her advice you will see results.

Madiha - July 25, 2023:  

Bonnie's skills and services are exceptional! Her expertise in skin analysis ensures a personalized facial treatment. The high-quality products she uses leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing. Bonnie's gentle touch and precise techniques create a relaxing and enjoyable experience. With Bonnie, you can trust you’re in good hands.

Suheily - July 25, 2023:  

First time doing lipo laser, I like that she explained everything really well and made sure I understood everything. She is really nice. Going back for 3 more sessions and maybe more!

Nancy - July 20, 2023:  

By far Bonnie is the absolute BEST!! Extremely professional, and knowledgeable! I recommend her 100%!!

Lisa - July 18, 2023:  

This was by far the best facial and best service I've received from an esthetician. Bonnie is helpful and friendly and will take the time to educate you on how to better care for your skin and with choosing the appropriate treatment.

Tina - July 14, 2023:  

Can not thank you enough for an amazing facial and also teaching me so much. I can't wait to come back and be a regular client. I have already purchased retinol product and on the right track thanks to you.

Laurie - July 7, 2023:  

I’ve been going to Bonnie since 2019. I’ve never found such a great esthetician as her! Her facials and all her specialties are amazing! Her studio is extremely pleasant and relaxing and her knowledge is first rate. I tell everyone about her!

Katrina - June 27, 2023:  

Bonnie's facials are fantastic! She absolutely knows what she's doing. You leave feeling like a million dollars.

Mary - June 25, 2023:  

Bonnie did an excellent job with my brow lamination. They look fuller and really make my eyes stand out. Thank you!

Joanne - June 6, 2023:  

Bonnie did a great job on my face. I had a microdermabrasion and it was great. The ambiance is fantastic. Very warm and inviting atmosphere.

Sam - June 3, 2023:  

Bonnie is the absolute BEST!! Extraordinarily knowledgeable! Professional! I recommend Bonnie 100%!!

Tonya - June 1, 2023:  

I drove from Creedmoor to Cary for my first appointment with Bonnie and it was well worth it! My eyelashes look awesome and I’m looking forward to touching up my eyebrows. BTW if it’s your first time go past the movie theater and turn left to find Phenix.

Shelby - May 31, 2023:  

After 6 sessions of laser therapy I lost inches off my mid section. It definitely works. Super impressed with how gentle the experience was for such great results.

Christina - May 30, 2023:  

Bonnie is undeniably the best at her job! I’m looking and feeling better every day. I listen and follow her advice and it’s done wonders for my skin. If you’re contemplating getting into a better facial routine just stop and call Bonnie or go online and make your appointment! You will not regret it.

Moneque - May 3, 2023:  

Bonnie is very friendly and experienced she makes you feel welcomed.

Rosa - May 9, 2023:  

Excellent!! Highly recommend Bonnie.

Audy - May 2, 2023:  

First visit today, will not be my last! Bonnie was wonderful, caring and informative, Already told a friend who will be going.

Shelby D - April 18, 2023:  

Had my first appointment today with Bonnie. She was extremely pleasant to work with and very informative. Was a great experience.

Jackie B - April 7, 2023:  

Bonnie is the best I have ever been too! Her knowledge and skills of skin care is hands down, the best! Love, love her!

Briarlee - April 4, 2023:  

10 stars out of 5. Bonnie was so personable and professional. Got a lash lift and tint and it is better than I expected.

Christina - April 3, 2023:  

Another fantastic visit! Loving my healthier, glowing skin. Thanks Bonnie for everything!

Christina - March 31, 2023:  

I can’t say enough about Bonnie and her amazing touch. She has helped rejuvenate my aging skin and take away my dreaded brown spots! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Daniel - March 14, 2023:  

Had a wonderful first experience!

Hernandez A - March 14, 2023:  

Absolutely loved my facial with Bonnie. My gps was taking me to the wrong place which made me late to my appointment. I called and she gave me directions to get to the right building. She still gave me my facial with microdermabrasion along with many recommendations on skin care for my skin type. I appreciated that she educates about different products and skincare in general. I left with my skin glowing. Will be returning.

D B - March 13, 2023:  

Enjoyed my signature Facial with Bonnie. Very professional and relaxing. Thank you!!

Karen R - March 6, 2023:  

Loved my signature Facial with Bonnie. Very professional and I relaxed a lot. Thank you

Cindy - March 3, 2023:  

Bonnie was so lovely. She took almost 2 hours reviewing my skin concerns. She was gentle, professional and very knowledgeable. Will definitely be a repeat client.

Jackie B - February 27, 2023:  

Love, love, love Bonnie. She knows her skin care! The best I have ever been to!

Guest - February 7, 2023:  

Bonnie was great, I took a friend that is in memory care and left her there with Bonnie who gave her a one hour facial. Came back to a glowing friend, who thought Bonnie was just wonderful. We will be back. Thank e Bonnie

Justina - February 26, 2023:  

Bonnie is a great influence an person overall. I’m in awe of my results. Thank you so much Bonnie

Sue - February 24, 2023:  

Bonnie is not only an expert in her field and takes great care of my skin but she is amazing and personable and kind. I always look forward to being w her., love, love Bonnie. She knows her skin care! The best I have ever been to!

Sara S - February 23, 2023:  

Just WOW!

Sonya - February 21, 2023:  

I'd tried NC Laser Wellness before for Laser Lipo and with Bonnie's guidance I lost 15lbs that never came back! I had to step away for a while for personal reasons, but now I'm back for more weight loss. Bonnie is great! To my surprise she'd kept my info and measurements from before and compared what she had prior to where I am now. She has great knowledge in what she's doing and knows how to produce results for you.

Dana - February 17, 2023:  

Bonnie is very knowledgeable and passionate about skin care. Thank you.

Ashley B - February 16, 2023:  

My daughter loved her Signature facial from Bonnie. After evaluating her skin, we decided to add the microdermabrasion treatment to her facial which made such a difference. Look forward to a future visit!