Body Sculpting

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Lipo Laser

Reshape your body using laser energy.  Our Lipo Laser (Lipolysis) applicators are strategically positioned on your body to heat and disrupt fat cells. This non invasive cosmetic procedure will sculpt your body and leave your skin smoother and tighter. Most clients use this procedure to target stubborn fatty areas that resist normal reduction methods. The best results are achieved after 6 or more sessions.  Let's discuss the best plans and options for you.  

Buy multiple sessions for special volume pricing.

 1 Session for 60 Minutes$95


A new rage in the industry, we sculpt your body and build muscle using high intensity electromagnetic therapy.  For many this is a very attractive option to invasive surgical procedures.  The therapy session induces thousands of supra-maximal muscle contractions, not achievable with normal workout and exercise.  Additionally, the procedure implodes fat cells.  Many report exciting results after just one treatment session.  We recommend a regime of 4 sessions.   Click here to see examples.

Buy multiple sessions for special volume pricing.  Call for special pricing options.

 1 Session for 60 minutes$100

Back Purifier

Back purifiers are the deep cleansing treatments that are accompanied by massage therapy and electric exfoliation. This treatment beneficially removes impurities and accumulated oils leaving your skin silky and supple. Back purifiers are used in the hard-to-reach or the neglected area of your skin. Back purifying masks greatly reduces pimples, whiteheads or blackheads and gives a more nourished and healthy look to your skin.  Let's discuss if back purifying is right for you.

 1 Session for 90 minutes$70

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation or Ultrasonic Lipolysis is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce or break-down fat cells using ultrasonic vibrations and mild massage.  It can be a great alternative to invasive fat reduction procedures.  The ultrasonic device is used to break apart fat cells which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and discarded as waste.  It is excellent for very targeted application.  Let's determine where this option can be best used to achieve your goals.

 1 Session for 60 minutes$250