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Eyebrow & Eyelash & Lips

Improve the majesty of your soul

Lash Lift & Permanent Make Up (PMU)

A lash lift is a cosmetic procedure that lifts, curls and defines your eyelashes.  Many people call this an "eyelash perm".  Your lashes are coated with a special adhesive then curled around rollers.  This helps make your lashes appear longer and bolder.  Duration of the results vary by person.  Let's get together and see what a lash lift can do for you. Click here to see an example of lash lift & tint.

 1 Session for 60 Minutes$85Book Now

Other Lash & Lip Services

 Eyeliner Tattoo$250Book Now
 Lip Blush$400Book Now
 Eyeliner PMU$250Book Now
 Eyeliner touch-up (PMU)$125Book Now
 Bush Lips (PMU)$250Book Now
Blush Lips touch-up (PMU)$125Book Now


Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that enhances and more clearly defines your eyebrows.  Using a blade dipped in a pigment solution, tiny cuts are made resembling eyebrow hairs.  The thickness and volume of these "eyebrow hairs" is defined by you and the technician.  Very few services have the same impact that Microblading has on your eye brow appearance.  Why wait.  Let's get started.  Click here to see some before & after cases.

 Microblade 210 minutes$400
Touch-up   90 minutes$125


Eyebrow lamination is another service designed to improve the looks of your eyebrows by cosmetically coloring, thickening, and straightening your individual eyebrow hairs.  For those with "wild" eyebrows, lamination is the answer.  In 60 minutes you can have fuller more abundant looking eyebrows.  For the squeamish, know that there are no needles involved.  This can be your great first service.

 1 Session for 60 minutes$70