Where do I start?

08.06.22 04:50 PM By Bonnie Reeve

You can be a little unclear on how to begin.

Many people come to us confused about where to begin and how to get started on a new personal journey of wellness.  Well first, don't labor over it.  Second, get some advice.  Third, be a wise shopper.

There is no need to labor over a decision or conduct exhaustive analysis.  There indeed are many options, but consider that getting started now may be more important than spending weeks trying to arrive at a decision.  We offer a free consultative appointment to help you sort it all out. Leverage our skill and knowledge to narrow your plan options and build a good starting point.  

Get some advice, not just from us.  Talk with your friends, you may be surprised to learn what they are doing.  We also can introduce you to some of our clients.  Do this after you first meet with us so that you can add some foundation to your discussions.

Finally, be a wise shopper.  Pay attention to reviews and talk with references.  Examine the facilities for comfort, cleanliness, etc.   Marketing companies like Groupon can offer great introductory promotions, but be aware of redemption processes, refunding measures, etc. Pay attention to price but don't forget the fine print and reputations.  Like Astronaut Alan Shepard once said, "Just think, the contract on this thing went to the lowest bidder".   Well many will say the same thing about using low priced services on their skin and body.

So don't wait much longer.  Start with a consulting appointment.  Let's work together on a plan unique for you.

Bonnie Reeve