Do we use Groupon?

17.06.22 01:51 PM By Bonnie Reeve

An Update on Groupon

Groupon is a powerful entity with great influence and impact in the world of small business, us included.  Many of our clients and repeat clients found us through Groupon.  There are things as a consumer we would like you to know about our use of Groupon.  

  • Groupon sponsored campaigns normally are limited in time and have highly discounted prices.  In many cases that discount is 35% or greater.  These Groupon campaigns encourage people unfamiliar with us to give us a try.  That is our reason for using Groupon.
  • Once you find a service you like you can purchase a Voucher from Groupon for that service.  Vouchers are specific for that service (and quantity) and have an expiration date, meaning you must receive the service you purchased and "redeem" the Voucher before it expires.  Contact us immediately to set up an appointment.  The best way to do that is via our website.
  • If after you have purchased a Groupon Voucher, you change your mind, you can return to Groupon and request a refund.  That request must come prior to expiration.  
  • If, for some reason, you don't redeem the Voucher before it expires, you have forfeited your funds to Groupon.  We don't have the money and therefore are unable to do a refund.  Please do contact us if you have a Voucher that will expire soon.  We will do every thing we can to see you get the service you paid for.
Hopefully this short summary of Groupon is helpful.  Of course, contact us anytime you have questions.  Or, just write a comment below.

Bonnie Reeve