Signature Facial

As we go about our day to day routines, our skin comes into contact with the changing environment, bacteria, hormones, and stressful lifestyle. These factors impact overall skin condition, leaving your skin looking dull and appear aged. That is why is essential to take care of your skin’s health, to restore your original brightness and supple look. Signature facial offers an excellent treatment for all skin types and an ideal start for personal monthly skincare routine. These are specially tailored facial treatments for your skin needs.

What is signature facial?
Signature facials are more than just ordinary facials. These are exclusively designed therapeutic skin treatments to meet your skin needs. Signature facials are flexible to the needs of each individual’s skin type and effectually address issues such as loss of firmness, skin congestion, lack of radiance and fine wrinkle lines.

What does the signature facial make up of?
Signature facial treatments make use of all essential vitamins with natural ingredients including a combination of classic range products that are rich in anti-oxidants, botanical extracts, lanolin, etc. This combination of traditional and high tech products even tone your skin, reduces the appearance of the scar, blemishes, pimples for healthy texture and complexion besides rejuvenating your skin.

How it’s done?
Step 1: your signature facial journey begins by evaluating your skin health so that the aesthetician understands your skin type and come up with a facial plan that will benefit your skin the most.

Step 2: you can consult a trained aesthetician; you can make special requests and ask any number of questions regarding your signature facial. Considering all your points and needs the aesthetician will frame an individual signature facial.

Step 3: for the next 60 minutes sit there and relax as the aesthetician massages your skin and all the goodness of the facial cleanses and detoxify your skin to give you the most appealing skin.