Galvanic Treatment

What is the galvanic treatment?
Galvanic treatments implement the direct use of galvanic electrodes into the skin for deeper cleansing effects. This treatment is suited for oily as well as dull, dehydrated skin. When the low DC current is introduced within water-insoluble substances in the skin, it paves way for more absorption and moisture retention ability. Your stubborn acne, enlarged pores or clogged pores, sebaceous blockages or congestion problems can be rectified with the galvanic treatment.

Why should you opt for galvanic treatment?
Any treatments that exfoliate just the outer layers of skin are not that effective and do not offer long-lasting results. But galvanic treatments work deep beneath the outer layers of your skin which makes it an ideal tool to reduce wrinkles, firm up your muscles and increase blood circulation throughout the skin. Additionally, the positive and negative ions used here profitably deliver the facial ingredients into deep layers of the cells thus solving problems of your skin.

How galvanic treatments benefit you?

  • Galvanic treatments are the non-invasive and non-allergenic procedures. It’s an ideal choice for people who wish to do facelifts in a non-surgical method. Galvanic treatments guarantee a positive result after the treatment session.
  • Galvanic treatments are not restricted to a particular skin type or skin problem. This treatment is capable of solving any defect, from your acne problem to diminishing your wrinkles.
  • Helps your skin to retain moisture for a longer period besides hydrating your dry skin
  • Nourishes your skin tissues by increasing blood circulation
  • Galvanic treatment is brimmed with anti-aging properties. So it smoothens your wrinkles and firms up your skin, making you look younger and vibrant.

Is galvanic treatment right for you?
Galvanic treatment follows a safe procedure with more promising results. However, people with diabetic, pregnant, metal implants, pacemaker, or major circulatory problems should consult their physician before diving into these treatments.