Enzyme Facial

Enzyme facial is a blend of natural ingredients like fruits, extracts of plants, etc. these are the gentlest method for exfoliating your skin naturally. Here the enzymes work externally from clearing dead cells on top of your skin to healing your skin internally, leading to a more fresher and vibrant look. Enzyme facials are more beneficial in treating skin with sun damage, dullness, blackheads, wrinkles and acne scar.

Why are enzyme facials so special?
These enzymes are anti-oxidant food derivatives, so it protects your skin against free radicals besides hydrating your skin naturally.

Unlike other ordinary facials that have milder effects, enzyme facials have a deep exfoliating effect and speed up the chemical reactions beneath your skin by oxygenating your cells and improving blood circulations throughout your skin.

The enzymes used here are activated by water and not low pH. And so it is not as harsh as chemical enzymes and is best suited even for sensitive skin types.

How does it work?

  • Like all the other facial treatments, enzyme facial takes few minutes for consultations and your ideal facial is determined based on your diet, drug usage, etc.
  • Once the consultation procedure is done, a therapist applies the enzyme mask over your face, now all you have to do is just sit down and relax.
  • For the next 45 minutes the mask sits there like other facials but in the last 15 minutes, it starts vigorous reaction on your skin.
  • The enzyme starts reacting with your cells by oxygenating skin tissues and flushing more nutrients and fresh blood throughout your skin.
  • In the last fifteen minutes, the therapist will give you a smooth hand massage for more effectiveness.
  • Once the mask is removed you can directly witness the angelic work of the enzymes. For longer lasting benefits moisturizers, gels and collagens are applied at the end of the session.