Body Contouring

Many jobs continue to push people towards a more sedentary way of living. Originally, our ancestors experienced much more exposure to the sun. Due to this, our skin does not reap the benefits of the sun’s rays and its many beneficial properties. One of them healthier looking skin. Thankfully, with use of lipolaser, you can stimulate your skin and fat cells with similar effects of the sun and encourage the skin to tighten and look healthier. Not only does it restore healthier looking skin, it also helps you burn fat and trim inches off your problem areas without an invasive procedure.

How can lasers help my complexion and burn fat? The lipolaser machine utilizes LED light which will successfully and safely penetrate the skin, right down to your adipose tissue (fat). Your fat cells will begin to release different natural substances which your fat cells were holding onto. As your fat cells release these substances, they shrink in size as well, which shaves inches off the designated area, less fat build up, and the decrease or even possible disappearance of cellulite. The release and absorption both can boost energy levels as well. The fat cells secretion provides a boost in your energy due to the substance being released into the blood from the adipose tissue, helping promote higher energy levels. The absorption of light and your cells being stimulated with light energy also works to boost energy.

There is one thing that puts lipolaser above all else however. It is non-invasive! Reap the benefits of fat loss but avoid undergoing anesthesia and incisions. See the effects of non-invasive fat loss at an affordable price, avoiding potentially damaging procedures in the process. Say goodbye to love handles, muffin tops, saddle bags, and tummy bulges! The best part? It is cost effective for you, allowing you to continue treatment as you see fit and not needing thousands of dollars up front to afford a surgical procedure.

When you visit our clinic, a trained professional will treat your designated problem areas with laser-like technology. Laser paddles targeting adipose tissue through the skin usually last 10 minutes per area, when targeting cellulite can be up to 15 minutes per treatment area. If you are interested in laser lipo, call us today and set up an appointment!