About Us


Bonnie Reeve

Owner and founder of NC Laser Wellness and Skin Care

Following a BS in Education, Bonnie developed an interest in fitness and nutrition that has lasted for nearly 30 years. It became a passion when 2 of her 5 daughters were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes. Working with nutritionists and dietitians at Duke and UNC, she focused her energies on building a program of fitness, nutrition and wellness for her family. She worked to perfect her program while living through its application and results real time. She saw vividly demonstrated the relationships between good nutrition and physical fitness and their impact on quality of life and longevity.

As friends and family learned of her efforts and the benefits of her program, they encouraged her to write a book and find a way to help more people. Working with greater numbers of people, she began to modify her program to address a broader set of needs. It was then she met people frustrated that fitness and nutrition efforts were not addressing a particular set of needs in some problem areas of the body. This launched an effort to find a solution.

After carefully looking at alternatives, she found a cold laser solution that was highly effective, very targeted and integrated well into her wellness philosophy. Following her training and apprenticeship, she added laser fat loss treatment to her business. Since 2014 Bonnie has treated over 1,000 people. The combination of nutrition, fitness and laser fat loss has helped transform people’s lives, improve self image, and promote wellness. She feels incredibly lucky to combine her passion and her work and delights in seeing her clients get long desired results.

Bonnie enjoys sharing her story and her programs. Call and set up your free consultation.